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3 surprising health benefits linked to public transportation

Subway 1934 Lily Furedi, born Budapest, Hungary New York City 1969 oil on canvas 39 x 48 in.) Smithsonian American Art Museum, Transfer from the U. Department of the Interior, National Park Service

How two families each filled 1 jar with a year's trash

How two families fit a year's worth of trash in a jar - Bea Johnson isnt the only zero waste mom! Learn how Katelin Leblond and Tara Smith-Arnsdorf turned their noble environmental aspirations into reality, with kids, husbands and pets in tow.

Why expiration dates on food hardly matter

A short documentary shows how unregulated and arbitrary date labelling is in the United States, and why we SHOULD be crying over spilled milk.

Rio de Janeiro is beautiful, yet rotten with pollution

Juliana Barbassa is an award-winning journalist and the author of Dancing in the Devil in the City of God: Rio de Janeiro on the Brink.

Smart irrigation valve adds connectivity and automation to any hose

AustinDevices is raising funds for Zilker: Intelligent irrigation, without a sprinkler system. Connect a hose and Zilker will keep an eye on the weather, program itself, and save water.

Why home birth is different in the United States compared to Canada

The lack of standardized training and credentials among American midwives has created a patchwork system. It's time for the U. to catch up to Canada in this area of healthcare.

8 new cookbooks for vegetarian or vegan cuisine

Saying goodbye to meat has never been easier with the interesting cookbooks now on the market.

Finally, a sandwich bag that's endlessly reusable

These flexible, airtight, watertight "bbagz" are made of platinum silicone, are multipurpose, and will last indefinitely. Going Zero Waste just got a whole lot easier.