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cute shop front

Kaffeine Coffee Shop in London. Kaffeine’s baristas must have at least 3 years of training before brewing behind the shop’s bar and it shows in the way they perfectly craft latte art.

contemporary florist | McQueens florist

Our florist, McQueens has been a pioneer in the new English style of floristry since Founded by Kally Ellis, her mission was simple: to spread her passion for beautiful flowers and her innovative style of flower design.

Visual Merchandising

Creating vignettes throughout your boutique is an important visual merchandising element. It helps guide your customers around the entire store, weaving them through key displays and enticing them to spend.

Monki - fun!

Swedish retail concept Monki - their City of Oil and Steel; recently featured Fabricville, the home of Monki’s intrepid designers – Electric Dreams.

icecream shop front

Rocambolesc Ice Cream Parlour // Girona, Spain // Interior Architecture: Sandra Tarruella // Graphic Design: Run // Inviting vintage feel inspired by the fantastic chocolate factory in Roald Dahl's children's book and Tim Burton's movie // Willy Wonka


Laura Lee's shop in Covent Garden - Love the natural, clean, inviting look.

Clean. Elegant. Impressive

Donna Hay General Store in Sydney. Architecture by Kieran McInerney Architects, Interiors by Tribe Studio. Photos by Murray Fredericks.

Fargo, ND...captured by graphic design Jeff Knight  Redoux  One of Fargo’s newest quaint little shops sells vintage items that one wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. With a constantly revolving inventory, you never know what kind of fun things you’ll find at Redoux. If you want to expand your collection of unique, rustic/vintage-chic furniture and accessories, Redoux is the place to go. Some items are recrafted or repurposed while others are kept intact.

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