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The KLF: Bill Drummond & Jimmy Cauty

Bill Drummond & Jimmy Cauty / The KLF - "Few men in music have given less of a fuck.

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The ability to become the embodiment of science fiction. Variation of Genre Embodiment.

Desert Skiff Escape

Recreate iconic battles aboard Jabba’s skiff with plank and storage hold, and deadly Sarlacc pit with opening mouth and space for a minifigure. Includes four minifigures.

Batman™ Classic TV Series – Batcave

Help Batman™ and Robin™ repel the villains from the Batcave featuring a false bookcase, Batpoles, Bat Lab with Batcomputer, plus a Batmobile, Batcopter and 9 minifigures.

Mighty Micros: Superman™ vs. Bizarro™

Match Superman™ against Bizarro™ in a Mighty Micros battle, featuring two vehicles, two minifigures with mini legs and two Kryptonite accessory elements.