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Banana and Nutella Cake More

Banana and Nutella cake – a delicious bake! My latest bake is a delicious marbled-effect Banana and Nutella cake. It is very easy to make and it smells delicious while baking. Are you addicted to Nutella too? Banana cake is always a great way to use …

Simple step by step on how to dry citrus fruit for Christmas Decorations, potpourri or other uses.

Creating dried citrus slices, no special equipment needed. Use them for decorations, potpourri or creating wreaths in the home.

Growing avocados!

avacado plants grown indoors, pinch after nodes (Bush type of plant), leave on some leaves at the growing tip to help growth and energy. 3 to 15 years for avacados. Maybe need some fertilizer to promote fruit

Embroidered Crossbody Clutch Bag in Midnight Blue

This attention grabbing Crossbody Clutch Bag features vibrantly colored, floral embroidery and reflective embellishment inspired by traditional Indian fabrics. Beautiful yet functional, this bag can b