Bird Cage Wedding Decor

These days, wedding birdcages are anything but blah. Here is some modern inspiration for using birdcages in your wedding design and decor.

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Lovely outdoor table setting, under a tree with vintage birdcages. So romantic. Would make a great 'sweetheart' table setting for romantic proposal!

Birdcage Wedding Card Holder

Elegant birdcage card holder wedding decoration for the reception. The bow is not included. This item is designed for cards and decorative use only not intended for birds or other animals. The birdcage stands 20 inches tall.

birdcage decor

A birdcage makes for some great art. DIY indoors or outdoors. What about birdcages and pretend birds inside at an event? They are such interesting shapes!

Birdcage Wedding Centerpiece

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