A dripping-refinery worker, poses outside his home next to the factory he'd worked at for 12 years, on Vulcan Street (Leeds) in 1975.

Haunting portrait of a vanishing world: Photographer captures desperate decline of 1970s Leeds as the old way of life slowly died

Peter Mitchell - Eric Massheder, dripping-refinery worker, Vulcan Street, Leeds, Spring 1975 via The Independent

Loading raw cotton into the Coldhurt Mill, near Oldham.

Loading raw cotton into the Coldhurst Mill, near Oldham. This is where My Mum met my Dad.

Overhead+Railway+circa+1956.jpg 960×670 pixels

Overhead+Railway+circa+1956.jpg 960×670 pixels

White chapel junction

Old Haymarket - what a traffic jam!

Tate and lyle 1980

Tate and lyle 1980

Overhead Railway

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