Invitation Stamp

Mini Bunting Rubber Stamp

Bunting Stamp - Union Jack Bunting - Hand carved rubber stamp by skullandcrossbuns on Etsy

Jubilee Biscuits

Crown biscuits will be laid out on the table to link the Jubilee with the brand identity.

Letterpress Stationary - Invitation Ideas

Queen Crown Letterpress Notecards Set of 3

Raffle Prize?

T-TOWEL An unashamedly celebratory Diamond Jubilee pattern, this Diamond Jubilee 60 Years a Queen Tea Towel celebrates 60 years of Queen Elizabeth's reign. With Years A Queen' and – upon it, complete with lion and crown plucked from her crest.

Jubilee Chicken (Jamie Oliver)

The dish we know as Coronation chicken was created in honour of the Queen's 1953 coronation, Jamie says that he will be offering to make his Diamond Jubilee chicken when the Jubilee rolls around

Salads (Ottolenghi)

Bowls and bowls of delicious salads with influences from Jewish and Muslim traditional cuisine.

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