And calling long-distance on the car phone because it was cheaper on weekends!

Proper still convinced it tasted better in the olden days... still love it!!!

Lucozade as it should be. In a glass bottle with crinkly orange cellophane.

vintage solitaire

vintage solitaire game - My lovely Aunt had one just like this.

Can l have a P please Bob!

Fond memories of that time. This would be on telly when I got home from my Art Foundation Course where I had a whale of a time.

School milk - it came in bottles, then bags, then cartons, then Thatcher the milk snatcher took it away altogether! Frozen in Winter, turned in the summer.

Dreaded seeing the crates outside the classroom door urrrgghhh.hated school milk but was made to drink it.Can't drink milk to this day.

THE BUTTON BOX, mum hade one, liked to play with all the different buttons

Button box loved raiding through my mums to see what I could find

I had one, and I ended up shaving her head and using the insides of my felt tips to dye the buzz cut a multitude of colours. I liked my Evil Knievel doll and bike that did fantastic wheelies down the hall.

I had one,she ended up with matted hair and a blue face thanks to my sis

These are now superseded by white boards and have a marker pen to write with so no heavy wood eraser blocks!

Roller blackboards and the wheeled ones, our science teacher used to put the kids who didn't behave behind it lol been there a few times myself :) not a very popular teacher i think the whole class would have been behind if he had his way hahaha

Who Remembers the cassette liners that didn't have the lyrics and what a bummer that was?