And calling long-distance on the car phone because it was cheaper on weekends!

Green Shield stamps. My mum bought these in the early 70s, to 'save up' to buy things for our home. I remember seeing books and books of them. (This pin has been repinned almost every day since I first posted it!)

Save them and trade them in - at Green Shield stamp trading centers - for all kinds of household items.

vintage solitaire

vintage solitaire game - My lovely Aunt had one just like this.

Leap frog - "bok-springen" - So much fun, especially when we had lots of kids participate.

Proper still convinced it tasted better in the olden days... still love it!!!

Lucozade as it should be. In a glass bottle with crinkly orange cellophane.

Can l have a P please Bob!

Fond memories of that time. This would be on telly when I got home from my Art Foundation Course where I had a whale of a time.

THE BUTTON BOX, mum hade one, liked to play with all the different buttons

Button box loved raiding through my mums to see what I could find

I had one, and I ended up shaving her head and using the insides of my felt tips to dye the buzz cut a multitude of colours. I liked my Evil Knievel doll and bike that did fantastic wheelies down the hall.

I had one,she ended up with matted hair and a blue face thanks to my sis

Who remembers unfolding the cassette insert to read the lyrics?