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Crestron System Design

Crestron system design is ultimately a process of taking our client's desired overall experience (features & functionality), and translating that into a list of integrated components that form an effective system.

The goal is to make transit easier, faster, and more pleasant than the less Earth-friendly alternatives.

DIY Home LED transit sign so you are never late again (Raspberry Pi project!

THE FUTURE IS NOW The heart of the 'Family Hub' fridge is a 21.5-inch high-definition LCD touchscreen display on the outside of the refrigerator’s top right door. Using that screen, families can leave each other notes, share photos, check their calendars, mirror their Samsung smart TV, stream music, and partake in a host of other activities you probably never even thought you might want to do on your fridge (and, um, you might still not want to do). RF28K9580SG #samsung #insane #touchscreen

Counter-Depth Flex Smart French Door Refrigerator With Geek Squad White Glove Experience - Black Stainless Steel - Zoom


One of the directors wanted to have a wallboard displaying real-time numbers from our new VoIP phone system. We had a web page which could show the stats, so we now had to decide how to get these o.


Part of the big attraction of Samsung’s SmartThings system is its ability to work with an extensive range of hardware.