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Wood Cat Tree

One of a Kind 6 Foot 2 Inch Cedar Cat Tree - I love the basket on top! Made a cat tree once and it had natural logs in it. cats went apeshit over the real wood. It smelled like outside so the indoor cats loved it practically more than catnip!

diy cat tree | DIY Cat Tree

Kitty totally needs a small one of these! I& paint the wood to match the room.and incorporate a bed.

Love this kitty pad! My cat would love this, and we have this type of tree in our area.

Natural cat tree: maybe build something a little smaller, when we have the room of course.

Question: How much do you love your cat? Answer: not as much as these guys. 1. All the cats who live here have ADHD. Image source: The Cat’s House 2.

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DIY Cat tree

Maybe this would keep them off the entertainment center and counter Tricia's Cat Playground Ideas. I have that cat tree I'm dismantling.