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The Sharpened Pencil: April 2013

Each teacher picks their favorite book from the book fair and then students try to guess which teacher chose that particular book. Could also say "Come take a look at our favorite books!" if you have ordered bulletin board books.

Hang old books in an english classroom to add some fun and inexpensive decor and encourage reading!

Would be neat to do in a reading resource room ! hang books in english classroom! great idea, even good with discarded books for a library

Fabulous Ideas For World Book Day including fancy dress ideas #homeschool #teachers #education

Fabulous Ideas For World Book Day {PlayLearning

Book bunting! I made mine by photocopying the cover x2 and sticking them back to back, sandwiching ribbon between the two, before leaving a save and sticking on the next one. Very effective in the cloakroom area and a conversation starter between children and adults alike.

Book cover banner - great use for all of those hardcover dust jackets. This would be the ideal reason to sort book covers by color, make it seasonal.

Looking for an easy World Book Day costume idea? The witch from the Room on the Broom is a super easy costume to put together. Read our blog post to find out how to put together this quick DIY Room on the Broom costume. All you need to make this witch costume is a black cape, witch's hat, broomstick, blue skirt and a red top.

Easy DIY Room on the Broom Costume

No Sew Three Little Pigs DIY Costumes for ears, tails, and bundles. For school play or Halloween costume, or dress up.

Three Little Pigs DIY Costumes

How to make Three Little Pigs DIY Costumes for Halloween or a school play. Tutorials include DIY ears, curly tails, and accessory bundles.

World Book Day Costume Ideas

How to Put Together Awesome World Book Day Costumes

A collection of great book character costume ideas for World Book Day fancy dress fun rated for ease of construction and effectiveness.

Printable World Book Day Game

Free Printable World Book Day Game

Printable World Book Day Game