Maths/Numeracy (Year 3 - Year 4)

Maths resources and ideas for Key Stage 2 (Year 3 and Year 4). Addition, Subtraction, Numbers, Time, Calendars, Mass, Length, Area, Patterns, Shapes, Hands on Activities, Classroom Displays and much more!
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Maths Working Wall Display Pack - maths, working wall, pack

These display posters are a perfect way to show the multiples of different numbers, making them a great addition to your maths classroom! Bright and colourful, they'll add beautifully to your classroom display!

New Zealand Level 2 Maths Activity Mats

A set of differentiated, independent maths activity mats to practise a range of mathematical skills with a focus on Level 2 of the New Zealand maths curriculum.

Place Value Maths Challenge Cards - place value, maths, numeracy

Make maths fun with these space themed challenge cards! Each card features a different challenge with visual representations to help your children relate maths problems to real-life scenarios.

New Zealand Maths Stages 1-8 We Are Learning Display Pack

This resource covers the main vocabulary for this New Zealand Maths Targets, with a different keyword or phrase on each poster and one of our own images to illustrate it. Great for display, as discussion prompts and reference.

Times Table Activity Pack - times table, activity, pack, times tables, maths, mathematics

This fantastic pack contains a selection of times table activities you can use in your class - brilliant!

Maths Mastery Activities Year 3 Addition and Subtraction PowerPoint

This PowerPoint gives Year 3 children the opportunity to practise their mastery of maths addition and subtraction skills.Tags in this resource:

Which Fraction Is Greater? Activity Sheets

Use these activity sheets to develop the children's understanding of the size of different fractions.

Finding halves and quarters Activity Sheet

Use this activity sheet to develop the children's understanding of fractions using a systematic approach.

Year 3 Maths Home learning

A great working from home booklet to help your child practise number and place value. Tags in this resource:

Times Table Fortune Teller Activity Pack - times table, fortune teller, activity, craft, fold, pack

This brilliant activity pack provides instructions on how to make your own times table themed fortune tellers! Fantastic for your maths lessons!

Maths Mastery Activities Year 4 Addition and Subtraction PowerPoint

This PowerPoint provides Year 4 children with the opportunity to extend and explore their mastery of maths skills, concentrating on solving problems using addition and subtraction.

All About Me Maths Display Poster Worksheet Year 3-4 - all about me, poster

All About Me Maths Display Poster Worksheet Year - all about me, poster

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