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British Animals | Wildlife in the UK
This fantastic PowerPoint from Twinkl features some great videos to help support your teaching on British Wildlife and British Animals. Download the presentation today from Twinkl's website!
KS2 World Environment Day Debate Cards
🥀Twinkl's KS2 World Environment Day Debate Cards is a resource that you should add to your collection! 🥀The activity encourages collaboration amongst kids. You don't want to miss out! Download this resource by heading over to the website today! 🥀
World Environment Day Whole School Assembly Pack
Twinkl's World Environment Day Assembly Pack is packed with amazing activities for your kids to enjoy! Download this resource today by heading over to the website today!
National Walking Month Activities for Educators
In May each year schools all around the world take part in National Walk to School Month to help promote walking as a form of exercise that is good for your health. As an educator you also need to find time for yourself. At Twinkl we leave you with some tips.
7+ Fun Facts About Hedgehogs
This PowerPoint from Twinkl combines fun facts (written in simple, accessible language) and interesting photographs of hedgehogs. Children will be engaged and eager to learn more about these fascinating creatures!
Summer Solstice Information Powerpoint Nature, Summer Solstice, Teaching Resources, Today
Summer Solstice Information Powerpoint
Twinkl's Summer Solstice Information Powerpoint lays out information about this auspicious event for yoru children! To get your hands on this powerpoint, head over to the website today!
Summer Solstice Assembly Pack for KIds! Teaching, Children, Summer, Resources, Fun, Environment, Packing
Summer Solstice Assembly Pack for Kids!
Twinkl's Summer Solstice Assembly Pack is a fun resource! It is jam-packed with interesting information to engage your children! Head over to the website to download this resource today!
Birds Nest Paper Plate
Birds Nest Paper Plate
🐦Twinkl's Birds Nest Paper Plate Activity is a lovely way to produce artifacts for your nature table!🪺 It's also a great way to engage your children in an outdoor activity! 🐦To get your hands on this resource, head over to the website today! 🪹
100+ Earth Day Activities Learning, Earth Day Activities, Earth Day, Activities, Ocean Day, Teaching Kids
100+ Earth Day Activities
🌍Get your hands on 100+ Earth Day Activities today! All you have to do is head over to the website today! 🌍Learn all you can about the Earth's Crust, and so much more! 🌍
Ocean Treasure Colouring Pages | World Ocean Day
Celebrate World Ocean Day with your little learners on the 8th of June with these delightful colouring pages from Twinkl!
10 Ways to Recycle Waste at your school
🌸The most effective way to teach your children about living green - is to live it! Twinkl's blog about recycling is incredibly insightful and delves deeper into ways that you can recycle within your classroom. You'll be surpised just how much you can do.🌸 To read the rest, please head over to the website - and best of all you'll find tons of resources to set up your green classroom too! 🌸
Learn about Sustainability Powerpoint!
🌻🌈Twinkl's Sustainability Powerpoint is great to use in the classroom - it's a fantastic resource to use during Sustainability week or a themed week. 🌈🦋Hhead over to the website to download this resource today! 🌈🦋
Green Week Challenge Cards!
🌈🌻Twinkl's Green Week Challenge Cards is a superb way to enjoy Sustainability week! Head over to the website to download this fantastic resource today! 🥀🌻
the text taking care of the environment adult inpiring and resources pack
Taking Care of the Environment Adult Input Planning and Resource Pack
Foundation stage children are continuously developing their understanding of the world around them. So, it is important to build on their understanding by explaining how important it is to take care of the environment and our planet. This fantastic pack contains a variety of EYFS plans for suggested adult input activities. These activities include a movement game based on recycling, a written activity looking at the importance of bees and a counting game using recyclable materials.
Tips to lead a more sustainable lifestyle
🍁💭♻️Living a more sustainable lifestyle has a positive impact on the world! 🪷🌱🦋Learn how to recycle your your old containers and so much more!🍃💦 Visit the website to read the blog article today! 🌻🌸🌈