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Introduce and develop children's phonics knowledge using this range of phonics teaching resources, ideas and games. These handy resources are perfect for…
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Phonics Rhyming Cups | Phonics Teaching Resources
Everything you need to make phonics a joy. A simple rhyming activity that can be adapted and reused again and again. Follow the instructions in this Twinkl video and create your own rhyming cups to guide your students or kids at home. Find phonics teaching resources at Twinkl today.
Phoneme Activity for Kids
Use this Phoneme Counting Challenge from Twinkl to encourage children to orally segment words. Ask the child to look at the picture and say the word aloud while counting the phonemes that make up the word. Download it now from Twinkl's website!
Phonemic Awareness
This Phonics video will help you teach kids an amazing way to learn and be creative😀
French Words For Kids
This amazing video will help teach your kids basic french helping them learn a few basic words in a new language. Also allowing it to be fun and enjoyable
Phonics Teaching Resources and Activities for Kids
Twinkl Phonics for Web provides game-based, focused learning activities that are fully aligned to Twinkl Phonics. Twinkl Phonics activities for kids contains everything your learners need, right at their fingertips.
Phonics Activities for Kids | Twinkl Resources
We’ve just launched Level 2 and Level 3 of Twinkl Phonics for Web! 🚀 Now you can boost phonics learning through online games that make phonics a joy. Can simply be accessed through your browser AND is included in Ultimate membership.
Phonics Activities for Kids
Discover a world of phonics activities for kids! Use role play to integrate phonics into everyday life - try the food market! 🌈✨ Our Twinkl Phonics resources are endorsed by schools and validated by the DfE our SSP programme will help you nurture a love of reading and writing, while guiding them towards fluency. 🌟👏 #phonics #roleplay #teachingresources
Fun Phonics Games for Kids | Code Breaker
🔍 Discover Engaging Phonics Games for Kids! Challenge young minds with a code breaker activity using stickers to decode answers, offering an array of activities that transform phonics learning into a thrilling puzzle-solving experience. Click for an array of phonics resources and materials for enjoyable learning, fostering their linguistic skills through interactive and captivating activities. 🧩🔠
DIY CVC Word Activities | Phonics Craft
🔤 Dive into DIY CVC Word Activities! This simple yet effective phonics craft aids sound comprehension, encouraging children to construct CVC words through interactive and creative exercises, promoting language acquisition and literacy skills. Click for an assortment of engaging phonics activities, nurturing literacy skills and supporting early reading development. 📚🔍
3 Ways to Practise Tricky Words | Twinkl Teaching Resources
In this video from Twinkl you can discover 3 ways to practise tricky words with your kids at school or at home. At Twinkl you can explore a fantastic range of resources for each of the different phonics Letters and phonics Sounds phases!
Phase 5: Phonics Sounds Mat
Teaching phonics? Our Phase 5 Phonics Sounds Mat is the perfect tool to make learning engaging and effective! 🅰️🔠 Watch your kids master the sounds and boost their reading confidence. 📖👏 #PhonicsEducation #ReadingSkills
Phase 3 Phonics Sound Mat
Teaching phonics is a breeze with our Phase 3 Phonics Sound Mat for kids! 📚🔤 Watch young learners explore the world of sounds and letters. Make learning fun and effective with this handy resource! 🎉👧👦 #Phonics #SoundMat #KidsLearning #EarlyReading
Phonics Letters and Sounds Chart
Use this Phase 2 Phonics Letters and Sounds Chart to introduce your students how to correctly make the sounds that the letters on the mat correspond to! The lovely hand-drawn images on the mat show an object or a thing where these sounds would be used. Save this pin and click the link to download!
Phonic Teaching Resources
The order in which sounds are taught will be dependent on the particular phonics programme taught in the school or early years setting. SATPIN is a common order in which to learn the sounds. Here’s one reason why.