these pictures are so coo how the swirl on the photo distorts the face.

jean faucheur (The Jealous Curator)

Dizzying collages, with an absolutely dreamy palette, by French artist Jean Faucheur. Um, does anyone know where I can get scissors to cut perfect circles?


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Fluorescent Black / Marc Scott-West / Designer

I adore glitch art, and have been trying to include it into my work, whether it be videos or photos.

art face.

Hello, I'm Chad. I'm an artist, writer, and designer. This is a continuous photo essay of visual things I've found that I enjoy, or things that I've created and would like to share with you.

black, white, portrait, face, head, paint, heyniek, art, mistery, mannequin, artwork, design

Black and white - Mannequins handmade for Modebelofte - HEYNIEK Niek Pulles, graduated in 2009 at Design Academy Eindhoven / Man and Identity.

Recreating the “face vase” illusion with a real photograph... by Sydney Shen

Recreating the “face vase” illusion with a real photograph

'Theme' of projected abstract ILLUSIONS: 'Black' and 'White' 'photography' of 'Lennon' with optical illusion 'art'