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Oh my batman WANT!!!

Batman's gear from the Arkham Asylum video game franchise

Season 6: I love that they showed Carol second. :D

Season I love that they showed Carol second. :D and I also love how they included Glenn. He can't be dead D:

I am Groot!!

I'm going to need for the dancing Groot toy to come out. We Are Groot by TyrineCarver Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 movie fan art

Tony Stark is the best.

“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.” {William Shakespeare}<<<<< "for never was there a story of more woe then of jelly and her peanut butter" {Shakespeare/ RDJ}

Conventions, man...

17 More People You See At Every Nerd Convention. oh God.I've been that last guy, and am still confused by Homestuck.

I am 1000% sure this is what actually happened.

This is so cute. Not just because of Loki, but look at Iron Man! And Hawk is carrying the Black Widow! (Check out the other animal Avengers designs on the deviantart site!) <<<<Loki the cat says stop

Sure, Deadpool, sure...

Deadpool Origin Story Time- This is a scene from Ultimate Spider-Man on Disney XD where Wade teams-up with Peter.