Creative Sculptures by Ron Ulicny

Creative Sculptures by Ron Ulicny I like this sculpture because it shows the guitar separated into different pieces. It signifies that music is not just one structured thing, it can be broken up into different forms.

Reconstructed | 'Art in Nature' in Belgium

Part of the "Art in Nature" series that we saw on our hike in Belgium. This was by far my favorite piece of the that we saw. The idea and execution were excellent.

Distorted Origami Faces by Aldo Tolino

Origami inspired by Aldo Tolino Task: Workshop Using simple folding techniques, produce a creased portrait image (colour or black and white). -Draw on top of creased paper to fold -Use paper to create my illustration to then fold and scan in

This is simplistic and effective, also it is an efficient showcase of a skeletal sculpture and might not consume as much time.

Anne ten Donkelaar

broken butterflies- anne ten donkelaar beautiful fragile art work creating the skeletal structure of the butterfly wing with thread and pins

"Disassembled" by Todd Mclellan

Pâtisserie: Glass & Porcelain Sculptures by Shayna Leib

New Jersey-based artist Angela Gram captures and deconstructs the beauty of wild animals in this surreal series of paintings. More art on the grid via Hi-Fructo