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Team building exercise that teaches you to listen... this could  be fun!

Listening - Even though this says "listening game for adults", I think it would be great for the elementary classroom as well. It gives students the opportunity to strengthen listening skills as well as cooperation skills, plus it would be fun!

Understanding your fears & triggers and the link to physical feelings & behaviors (CBT)

This children's anxiety worksheet will help prompt the client to identify…

Worksheet to help students identify how their body feels when they get angry.

A worksheet to help students identify how their body feels when they are angry. Also provides space for them to list three ways that they can handle their anger. Good for groups or individual lessons!This resource is part of an anger management bundle!

50 Practical Strategies? for Treating ADHD without Drugs

A great book for teachers to build their skills for these students, but an even better resource for parents of students struggling with ADD.

Attachment disorder...Seeking help does not make you weak; avoiding help keeps you a child forever in this cycle.

Mind Map - This list of difficulties is not exhaustive but is a flavour of some of the issues that can affect Attachment disorder.

Therapeutic Doodles                                                                                                                                                     More

Time: 10 minutes Contraindications: poor fine motor skills, decreased cognition OT goal: draw and complete a drawing that is similar to the picture in order to identify positive aspects about self and to increase self esteem.