Education App: Alan Peat’s Exciting Sentences

– Writing should be a joyful experience, but the process can be a challenge to [.

Education App – Add “AnyFont” to iPad

– Many schools using iPads in the classroom regularly use the devices as a presentation [.

Education App: Let’s Do Mental Maths

– Andrew Brodie is known by many teachers and parents for his series of publications [.

With the focus of grammar back in the spotlight, it is always handy to have resources which help pupils build their skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Recently launched by Daydream Education is an iPad app which is a useful addition for teachers who use iPads in their classrooms.

Punctuation - finally an app that does punctuation well.

AndroidApps for Education

– As more schools implement tablets into their classrooms, to help teaching and learning activities, [.

The creators of Explain Everything, MorrisCooke, have now launched a new app to their portfolio, and it’s another one that will enthuse teachers and pupils who use iPad technology within their classrooms.

Stick Around by Tony Vincent & MorrisCooke- draw or upload pictures and turn them into puzzles