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a chocolate mug cake in a white cup with a bite taken out of the side
Scouts - Boredom Busters
Put a spring in your young peoples' step with #BoredomBusters!
a white plate topped with dumplings and chopsticks on top of a wooden table
Scouts - Boredom Busters
Check out some more ways to keep your Group busy with another set of #BoredomBusters!
a tea kettle sitting on top of a grill over a fire filled with wood and flames
Scouts - Boredom Busters 17
Keep your Group entertained with another set of #BoredomBusters!
an egg carton made to look like a chicken with eggs in it
Scouts - Boredom Busters 18
Entertain your section with these great Easter-themed activities!
a cup is hanging from a string on the floor
Scouts - Boredom Busters 19
Try something new this week with four more great activities!
an origami rocket ship with a striped straw
Scouts - Boredom Busters 20
Spruce up your Programme with four more great activity ideas!
two colorful items hanging on a wall next to each other with googly eyes and arms
Scouts - Activity Boredom busters
Fight the January blues with our first #BoredomBuster of 2016!
a person holding two cherries in their hand, one being held by the other
Scouts - Activity BoredomBusters Week 11
The clocks are going back soon, so brighten up your Scouts’ evening with some #BoredomBusters
Keep your Scouts engaged with this week's #BoredomBusters Susan Cain, Lenten Season, Extroverted Introvert, Talking Back, Spirit World, Real Simple, Body Image, Brighten Your Day
Scouts - Activity BoredomBusters - Week 10
Keep your Scouts engaged with this week's #BoredomBusters
a person is painting a sculpture with white and green paint on it's body
Scouts - Activity BoredomBusters - Week 9
Here are this week’s #BoredomBusters to get those creative juices flowing!
two windows with colorful paint on them in front of a window sill next to a wall
Scouts - Activity BoredomBusters - Week 6
Bubbles, balloons and water bombs!
tie - dyed clothing hanging on clothesline at outdoor event
Scouts - Activity BoredomBusters - Week 7
Get the creative juices flowing this week!
a person is holding a piece of paper with colored thread on it and the string has been cut off
Scouts - Activity BoredomBusters - Week 8
If you’re running low on last-minute activity ideas and inspiration, fear not!
soap bubbles floating in the air near trees
Scouts - Activity BoredomBusters - Week 5
Get those creative juices flowing with this week's #BoredomBusters
a skillet with sausages cooking on an outdoor grill
Scouts - Blog Boredom Buster Week 3
The weather is slowly beginning to brighten up, so we've come up with a mixture of indoor and outdoor #BoredomBusters