Things to do with empty toilet paper rolls

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two paper mice are standing next to each other
Abschied & Danke - Meine Enkel und ich
Characters to go alongside the books your Scouts are reading
two different views of the same object made out of toilet paper and rolled up into vases
Toilet paper roll animals
two black cats made out of toilet paper with yellow eyes and whiskers on them
Spooky Halloween Toilet Roll Black Cats Craft for Kids
Toilet roll cats
25 toilet paper roll crafts for kids that are fun and easy to do with them
25 Incredible Toilet Paper Roll Crafts We Love
25 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
paper owls with polka dots on them sitting on a table
Top 10 Best Toilet Paper Rolls Crafts
This would be a fun Scout craft...
two colorful items with faces on them sitting next to each other in front of a white wall
Toilet Roll Octopus Craft For Kids - Wiggly Octopus Friends
Toilet roll octopus
some paper bags are hanging from a wire with monster faces on them, and one has eyes
Toilet paper roll monsters made with paint, foam, pipe cleaners and googly eyes
an assortment of paper cups with owls on them
four different types of art work hanging from the ceiling
Fun & Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
an image of a website page with numbers on the front and colorful cylinders in the back
Five Easy and Fun Toilet Paper Roll Kid Activities
a toilet paper roll with eyes and a smiling frog on it's side sitting on a blue surface
51 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts - Catholic Sprouts
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and toilet paper roll wall art on the wall
Pinterest 7: Toilet paper roll art
Toilet paper roll wall art. Made it! Cut them at least 3/4" for stability. Mine were 1/2" and just a tad flimsy.
a close up of a paper mache with a bee on it's back
Five crafts YOU can make with your Scouts