DIY Cardboard Box Toy: Gas Station Pump | Cool Mom Picks

12 awesome toys you can make from cardboard boxes

cardboard gas pump instructions and other cool cardboard projects - really cool! **M would love this gas pump! The squeeze bottle nozzle is such a great idea!

Cardboard Box!

10 Ways to Repurpose Cardboard Boxes for Imaginative Play. Imaginative play is a vital part of children’s development. The humble cardboard box can make that possible. We have found 10 ways to repurpose cardboard boxes for imaginative play.

Plant pot pets - a great way to spend a rainy half term day #homesfornature #kids

Painted Pot Ideas Garden crafts for kids - Plant pot pets - Family - goodtoknow These could be a winner with a solo half term coming up.

Letterpressed Tooth Fairy Kit - Treehouse Kid and Craft

What a fun idea. A set of 5 letterpress Certificates of Record for filing with your local Tooth Fairy. There's space to record your child's name, age, which tooth lost, and compensation details.

Wedding Inspiration by Justin & Mary Marantz

We have the perfect tree for anoutdoor swing! With a piece of sanded (and possibly painted) upcycled wood, rope and ribbon, all of the kids can enjoy this peaceful and beautiful swing in the yard. flowers-gardening-home-decorating

DIY cardboard box toy washing machine by Estefi Machado | Cool Mom Picks

12 awesome toys you can make from cardboard boxes

diy side table

DIY Modern Side Table

Learn how to turn a tray into a DIY side table with just a few materials with this easy tutorial from designer Anna Smith of Annabode + Co.

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Cardboard boxes made into play things.  Appliances, cars, garages, castles, beds etc.

Make play kitchen from old boxes and CDs. It's cute, but not too sturdy, as it's just cardboard. Good use of the boxes, though, and I love that it's mostly recycled products. Old CDs for the burners?

(cardboard crafts) stop-light...

The traffic light would help in an awesome game of 'Red Light, Green Light'! How to make a traffic light out of cardboard this. Also how to make cardboard car, gas tank, etc.

32 Cosas maravillosas que puedes hacer para tus HIJOS con cajas de CARTÓN ⋮ Es la moda

32 Cosas maravillosas que puedes hacer para tus HIJOS con cajas de CARTÓN

DIY how to make cool cardboard toys for kids - mailbox, guitar, boat, oven, puppet theater. Could use to give kids mail and announcements for the day !

Carton plane

Fun Things You Can Make With a Cardboard Box

Cardboard Box Plane - so easy and FUN! :: with a brief explanation of box plane parts! Sent this to my son in law for him to make for the children!

juf Ingrid groep 1/2 ::

DIY cardboard box washing machine for the dramatic play area! Idea: To practice sorting, add small laundry baskets with different colored cloths or t-shirts beside the washing machine.

How to make magic wands, 25 things to do with cardboard boxes, and make a mini bow and arrow set!

TBPW: Amazingly Easy Kids Crafts

25 Fun Ideas for a Cardboard Box-- cos all kids love cardboard boxes! Buy a toy and all they care about is the box- forget toys- I go to Costco n get boxes!

Koliden şato

This cardboard castle is a magical toy for kids -- because every knight needs a castle to protect, right? Kathy of Cornerstone Confessions shares her easy cardboard castle tutorial . all you need is a big box and some ribbons!

Why buy one when you can make one they would rather play in anyway??

Here is a pretty cool and creative project for a Kids Play Fort – Tiny House made from Cardboard Boxes.

www.cardboardboxoven | DIY wasmachine en oven van karton | cardboard washer + oven by R

There was a time when play was simple. Children had hours of fun playing with nothing more than a cardboard box. We put together some creative ways to encourage kids to use their imagination with just a couple of cardboard boxes. Have fun!