National Cathedral Nave from a Pinhole Camera. This is a view down the nave of National Cathedral in Washington, DC. Forty minutes on Fuji b/w film using a Zero Image pinhole camera at This photo shows a clear view down the nave.

I like how this photo uses perspective to draw in lookers. The fog and rocks add movement and effect on the imagine, as well as the curiosity of knowing what that is off in the distance.

Alexey Titarenko : “St. Petersburg” Series (Photography)

City of Shadows: Photographer Alexey Titarenko specializes in spooky, black and white photography in cities around the world.

The Showcase of Beautiful Pinhole Photography

This photo caught my eye and chose it because I think it is a very nice photo and is appealing to me. I like the setting within the photo as well as the angle the picture is shot at.