A corrugated solution for packaging your beer.

A concept for a takeaway beer four-pack that retains the form of the traditional beer pint using recyclable paper cups. Designed by Ivan Maximov for the Ru.


The 360 Paper Water Bottle is a single serve water bottle made from sustainable sheet stock such as bamboo, palm leaves etc. An internal micro-thin film pr

Leticia Sáenz Tea Sommelier packaging designed by LeoLab

Leticia Sáenz Tea Sommelier Leticia Sáenz tea packaging designed by LeoLab. “We designed a range of packaging for 32 product of "loose leaf tea” for Leticia Sáenz tea.

honey packaging

Honey packaging design is sweet as can bee

it has to be simple and direct, humorous and smart

Reinventions: Ikea's Food Packaging

Packaging Europe News - Chilling Colour Changing Bottle Design Wins Award

Packaging Europe News - Chilling Colour Changing Bottle Design Wins Award PD

Package Design Inspiration - Week of 4/15/2013

This Week's Top 10 Packaging Design

a credit-card-sized pack of USB flash drives, with “Tear – and – Share” technology. Tear off a tab and take the handy USB Drive. Crafted essentially from post-consumer molded paper pulp, this is an economical, credit-card-sized data pack.

creative packaging - scanwood

These kitchen utensils are made from wood. It also gives me the vibe that they are a very green choice regarding kitchen utensils. Few words are written on the front of this packaging for this reason. Packaging can be worth a thousand words.

Vintage Packaging: Coffee from the 1800s - The Dieline -

Vintage Packaging: Coffee from the 1800s

The Dieline's Top 10 Packaging Designs - 1/19

This Week's Top 10 Packaging Designs