This is a Ladybird spider - one of the most colourful spiders native to the UK. It was thought to be extinct but a small colony was found in the 1980s. New colonies are still being established but it's touch and go - see   Wouldn't it be amazing to give this chap a home in your garden?! #homesfornature

animalworld: “ LADYBIRD SPIDER Eresus cinnaberinus (Kollari) ©omeuceu Males are up to 11 mm long, females can reach up to 20 millimetres in). Males have a black prosoma and a strikingly red.

bluebells Forest of Dean

Bluebell Woods: Purple, Lilac, Green, Grey - Designcat Colour Inspiration Pallet This is my next living room color scheme!

Flat-topped ground feeding sanctuary wide mesh

This wide mesh folding cage guardian protects your ground-feeding birds from predators, such as pigeons and doves.

Best bluebell walks in the UK - Woodland Trust

Best bluebell walks in the UK - Woodland Trust

RSPB Apex classic nestbox

RSPB nestbox for wild birds. The classic apex bird nest box is suitable for a wide range of garden birds to nest in.

I just stepped up for nature and bought Buggy nibbles 12.75kg bumper box from the RSPB.

There's still time to get all you need for the Big Garden Why not treat the birds in your garden to these Buggy nibbles bird food from