Heather Tingle Planner mood board

the daily journal is open to read
Like the holographic look of the writing on this
an iphone screen with the words, images and symbols in different font styles on it
My branding bits in google drive
an iphone screen with the text, all inboxs untangled by tangle on it
Like the idea of seeing visual representation of clutter to organised
a cartoon woman surrounded by lots of stuffed animals
My PAVES System branding pic
a woman with glasses holding an object in her hand and the words unattached by finger
My branding images
a clipboard with the words decluttering list on it
Decluttering List- 2020 edition -November 2nd YEAR LONG THOROUGH DECLUTTER SERIES
a spiral notebook with the words charlotte's sketchbook written in purple and gold stars
Sketchbook holographic unicorn pink rainbow gold notebook | Zazzle