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mandala pattern made from leaves art

Spiral Geometry in the nested leaves of a cabbage

Amazing Natural Geometry in Cabbage! Fibonacci sequence: The proof is in the cabbage.

"Dahlia" by amazon2008 @ flickr.com (© 2009)

Perfect-Geometric-Patterns-In-Nature-dahlia – The keys to your personal & professional well being

Natural fractals of Romanesco broccoli by © *DianePhotos, via deviantART.com

Natural fractals - romanesco by *DianePhotos on deviantART

sunflower has the most amazing central part - fibonacci sequence is mesmerizing

Amazingly, the sunflower seeds grow adjacently at an angle of degrees from each other, which corresponds exactly to the golden ratio. Additionally, the number of lines in the spirals on a Sunflower is almost always a number of the Fibonacci sequence.

sacred geometry from nature #floweroflife

peaceful-moon: “ mandaladana: “ Naturally occurring flower of life pattern. ” nature is so fascinating ”

A Giant Lobelia Plant Framed Photographic Print by George F. Mobley at Art.com

A Giant Lobelia Plant

Close up of giant lobelia's thick leaves, Mount Kenya National Park, Kenya Photo Canvas Print-living room

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