[Sid Vicious, bassist for the Sex Pistols, and girlfriend Nancy Spungen] The swastika is a clear example of #appropriation within the punk subculture. According to Hebdige, punks were typically unsympathetic to parties of the extreme right (116). In fact, punk subculture grew out of an "antithetical response to the reemergence of racism in the mid-70's,"

Sid Vicious + Nancy Spungen - This was such an intriguing story. I went through my punk music listening phase like many others but this story was so .

❝☠✧ live through life like it's a concert ✧☠❞

❝☠✧ live through life like it's a concert ✧☠❞

This photo gives off the impression that it wasn't planned which is good for the laid back feel I want my magazine to have.

Van McCann: Catfish and the Bottlemen. One of thr best performances at Lolla tonight! And he is not bad to look at either.