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Looking for the perfect venue for your next big event?
Look no further than Caer Beris Manor! Nestled in the heart of Wales, our historic estate offers luxurious accommodations and stunning grounds, perfect for large group gatherings, weddings, corporate functions, and festivals. With spacious rooms, picturesque gardens, and top-notch amenities, Caer Beris Manor sets the stage for unforgettable experiences. Whether you're planning a dream wedding or hosting a corporate retreat, our dedicated team is here to make your event a success.
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Fancy being the King of the Castle for a couple of days?
This incredible “not so little sister” of @caerberismanor, is part of @groupretreats group. It boasts accommodation for up to 32 people, on 14 acres of land, and even has its own pub and entertainment room in the dungeon! Take a look inside this exceptional property. #CaerBerisManor #GroupRetreats #NatureRetreat #CastleStays #LuxuryGetaway #Staycation #ExploreScotland #ExclusiveHire #HistoricVenue
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Luxury Group Accommodation: January Discount
Book your retreat at @caerberismanor from Friday 5th January to Sunday 7th Jan for only £1900. Sleeping up to £40 people, this is less than £25 per person per night.
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Luxuary Accommodation in Hereford
Part of Group Retreats, meet a sister property of @user_caerberismanor. Fawley Court is a 16th century mansion in Hereford boasting everything you will desire to include indoor swimming pool, hot tub, games room, multiple reception rooms and beautiful gardens with interconnected lakes. A must visit! #WyeValley #LuxuryRetreats #ExclusiveGetaway
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Corporate Retreats at Caer Beris Manor
@caerberismanor is the perfect venue for company retreats, get-aways and teambuilding weekends. With over 18 acres of parkland, private fishing, and accommodation for up to 40 people, you will not be left disappointed. Enquire today!
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Wedding Packages from £3500
**Breaking News** @user_caerberismanors 2024 Wedding Packages start from as little as £3500, to include 20+ bedrooms for an overnight stay! Enquire now by emailing #caerberismanor #groupretreats #brideandgroom #weddingday #engaged #weddingvenue #specialoccasion
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Luxury Staycation Accommodation
@user_caerberismanor is just one of Group Retreats luxury staycations. Have a squizz at these incredible properties available for exclusive use! #groupretreats #ExclusiveGetaway #LuxuryRentals #PlushProperties #LuxuryRetreats #staycation
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Married at the Manor in May
Jenny & Richard Jones got married at Caer Beris Manor in May 2014 and have shared a picture and a few words of their special day. Caer Beris in the heart of Wales, features 18 acres of lush landscape with a Grade 11 listed Manor, perfect for your special ocassion. #caerberismanor #groupretreats #HistoricHotels #exclusivehire #weddingvenue #SpecialOccasions #explorewales #engaged #WeddingReception
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Wedding Fayre in Mid Wales
Free Entry but booking is essential! #caerberismanor #groupretreats #BrideandGroom #WeddingDay #Engaged #WeddingDreams #DestinationWedding
a flyer for a wedding party with the bride in veil and flowers on her head
Wedding Fayre in Mid Wales
Free Entry but booking is essential! #caerberismanor #groupretreats #BrideandGroom #WeddingDay #Engaged #WeddingDreams #DestinationWedding
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Crispy View at Caer Beris Manor
On a crisp winter day, there's nothing quite like the view of the trees through the arched window at Caer Beris Manor. The air is so clear, you can see every leaf and twig. The branches are covered in frost, and the sun glistens on the snow. It's a truly magical sight. If you're looking for a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature, with exclusive use for you, your friends and your family, Caer Beris is the perfect spot. You won't be disappointed.
the perfect place for your corporate remodel is located at caper beris manor
Corporate Reteats and Team Building Getaways
Transform your corporate event into an extraordinary experience with the exclusivity of our venue. A breathtaking backdrop of 18 acres of rolling countryside perfect for team building activities, private fishing and 20 luxurious and individually styled guest bedrooms, sleping up to 40 guests. Enquire now for an unforgettable corporate event at Caer Beris Manor. Tailor-made for success!
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Looking for an exclusive corporate getaway in the UK?
Caer Beris Manor is the perfect place to relax and reconnect with your team. With its 18 acres of spacious grounds, private fishing and luxurious accommodations, we have everything you need to ensure a productive and enjoyable getaway. Relax in the heart of the Welsh countryside, offering breathtaking views and a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Contact us today to book your exclusive corporate getaway at Caer Beris Manor!
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Staycation | Your Home Away From Home
It is a quick turn around for the team at #caerberismanor today as we get ready to welcome our next group of guests this afternoon who will be with us until Thursday. Enjoy your stay...
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Exclusive Hire Venue: Weddings, Corporate, Retreats
Nestled within 18 acres of serene parkland and secluded from the main road, the manor offers uninterrupted views of lush landscapes. This secluded setting provides an oasis of tranquility, making it an ideal escape into nature. With exclusive hire of the entire manor it ensures that guests have the venue all to themselves. This exclusivity creates an intimate and private atmosphere for weddings, family getaways, and corporate events.
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Caer Beris, Powys | Group Accommodation Caer Beris
Caer Beris Manor, the treasured Grade II listed historic manor house set in the picturesque backdrop of 18 acres of parkland overlooking the river Irfon, is thrilled to announce its grand reopening, becoming a private residence for exclusive hire. This remarkable estate specialises in crafting unforgettable moments, catering to a wide array of occasions from large group gatherings and corporate events to the most exquisite and elegant weddings.
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Exclusive Hire for Weddings & Corporate Events
With exclusive hire at Caer Beris Manor, you have the canvas to paint your wedding or corporate event masterpiece - an experience that is uniquely yours. Your vision…. brought to life to create a truly unforgettable celebration.
Discover Caer Beris Manor, a historic Grade II-listed hotel nestled in 18 acres of parkland, perfect for family getaways, corporate events, and unforgetable weddings. Available for exclusive hire. #CaerBerisManor #GradeIIListed #WyeValley #HistoricVenue #ExclusiveHire #WeddingVenue #RuralEscape #FamilyGetaway #CorporateEvent #SpecialOccasion
Escape to the Past: Discover Caer Beris Manor in Picturesque Powys, Wales
Discover Caer Beris Manor, a historic Grade II-listed hotel nestled in 18 acres of parkland, perfect for family getaways, corporate events, and unforgetable weddings. Available for exclusive hire. #CaerBerisManor #GradeIIListed #WyeValley #HistoricVenue #ExclusiveHire #WeddingVenue #RuralEscape #FamilyGetaway #CorporateEvent #SpecialOccasion