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two texts are shown on the screen, one is in green and the other is white
there are two buttons on the side of this machine that is not working yet it's in use
Jan Andersson on Twitter
Jan Andersson on Twitter: "How can a designer of this device fail with just four buttons? #uxf https://t.co/YRCTGFRma8"
an electric kettle sitting on top of a wooden table
Roman Nepšinský on Twitter
Roman Nepšinský on Twitter: "To jako vážně, Hyundai? Další nepovedený nákup na @mallcz v poslední době. :/ https://t.co/ZXXNzwyKT0"
an abstract photo of many different types of cars
28 Bizarre Construction FAILS That Really Make You Wonder
the text reads bad screen, ratto, please resize your window to get a better experience
Please resize your mobile phone
two vending machines sitting next to each other
Ticket Machine in Germany
an image of someones work space with the caption'you had one job '
21 Design Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Own Home
One job... ONE!!!!
a parking meter sitting on the side of a road next to a building with a sign that says pay parking here
1) get a degree 2) get a ticket
an advertisement on the side of a school bus that says take action take control quit school
Quit school
a green sign with white arrows pointing to rooms
Which direction?
a vending machine with the number one on it's front panel and buttons
the faucet is attached to the wall in the bathroom
a pie chart showing the percentage of people in different countries
Today I have a few tips for all ms excel ninjas out there who do charts: 1) Always think about which type of chart suits your data. No, excel doesn't do this for you. 2) If you pick the pie chart make sure you have covered the whole range of data so the total percentage is 100. 3) Use comprehensible labels 4) Use distinguishable colors 5) If you are not able to follow 1-4 just use table.
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