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All fairy tales were history once. Ally is a Ukrainian bride who married a wealthy Californian, Carl Morris. Everything is strange in her new home: the shadowy redwoods, the peculiar neighbors, and the mystery surrounding the death of Carl's first wife. But Ally is determined to leave her own tragic past behind and to be a good wife and a good American. Escaping darkness is not so easy, however. Ally discovers that her house is situated on the borders of Nightwood, where fairy tales become night


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Calvin & Hobbes
Best Buddies Poster Print


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"This unique nightlight is made of clear textured stained glass to accentuate the rainbow light. This piece shines all colors of the rainbow in a cycling pattern to illuminate your room with glowing colors. Glass is 4\" from point to point and base is 1\" tall. Includes wood nightlight base and charging brick with on/off switch. Arrives via USPS priority mail. Contains Lead, wash hands after handling."
New Pelican Stained Glass Kit. Perfect for Beginners. Ready for Foil, Mosaics or Lead. Make as a Suncatcher or Build a Panel Around It - Etsy

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a drawing of a deer with antlers on it's head
an instagram page with a bird and flowers on the cover, surrounded by watercolor paints
Our metallic watercolors & @artistelsi 👩‍🎨 for more breathtaking art #Lisilinka
an open book with blue and white designs on it's cover, featuring two tigers
a notebook with two purple snakes on it
Artful Animals: Creative Expressions and Inspirations in the World of Art
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there is a white statue that looks like a woman
Image tagged with vesta 🪔, aesthetics :: 🎨, devotion :: 📿 – @ianitos on Tumblr
Art Journal
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Water Marbling Paint Art Kit