Christian Boltanski, Théâtre d'ombres (Theatre of Shadows)

The composition doesn't look so scary, more like puppets, the large shadows on the other hand are. Christian Boltanski, Théâtre d'ombres (Theatre of Shadows)


AESTHETIC REFERENCE >> Gorgeous installation using light and video projection by Los Angeles based artist Diana Thater. likeafieldmouse: Diana Thater - White is the Color

Fitting for the season.    beatifull in its simplicity.    Christian Boltanski

Christian Boltanski, Bougie (Candle), copper figurine on tin shelf with candle, 4 x x

Christian Boltanski, Théâtre d'ombres - In the work   there are pictures of devils and angels, witches, ghosts, fairies, skeletons and masks. Images floating on a distant wall, unreachable for the viewer, evoking memories from early childhood or nightmares, which remind the spectator of the ambivalent relationship between life and death.

Christian Boltanki's Théâtre d'ombres will be offered in our 12 September 2012 London Post-War and Contemporary auction.

Christian Boltanski

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I'm seeing some potential with this shadow puppet film: perhaps use artist Kara Walker's work as inspiration? You could film them with a flip or a smart phone.

Christian Boltanski, Théâtre d'ombres

Christian Boltanski has never been associated with a specific art movement, but has received critical acclaim and attention ever since he began wor.