The Full English Breakfast - A traditional full English breakfast includes bacon, poached or fried eggs, fried or grilled tomatoes, fried mushrooms, fried bread or toast with butter, sausages and baked beans, usually served with a mug of tea. As nearly everything is fried in this meal, it is commonly called a "fry-up". It is truly a national icon and was historically a tradition enjoyed by the working, middle and upper classes.

Eating in London. English Breakfast / The greatest gastropubs in London revealed by Michelin.

English Breakfast - Yep!  That is what they serve!  Tomatoes with breakfast! Yum!  Well, Harry, my've done well...guess I am hungry.  Good thing about this is the mountains go by our window and we don't have to leave the bedroom!♪♫♪

Fried tomatoes Fried Bacon Fried Eggs Buttered toast Baked Beans Fried mushrooms = a full english breakfast (for Bastien!

Full English Breakfast: the most adventurous (and rewarding) hangover cure known to man.

A Full English Breakfast & Coffee Bakehouse Studio Food Photographers - favourtie photos from around the web!

A Lovely simple fry up. The Great British Breakfast no recipe, just inspiration :)

the full english | Jamie Oliver | Food | Jamie Oliver (UK)

The full English

The full English Breakfast- One of life's simple pleasures. "Some things are too good to mess about with, so I've kept my English breakfast pretty old-school.

Full English breakfast - chips are for those wanting lunch... Chips have no place here.

Who invented Full Breakfast : Full British Breakfast. British Inventors and their Inventions, Discoveries, Innovations and Creations. Who invented what and When, what has Britain invented

How to Prepare the Full English Breakfast - Guy was a fan! I wasn't able to find blood sausage or HP sauce. Maybe next time.

How to Prepare the Full English Breakfast - Guy was a fan! I wasn't able to find blood sausage or HP sauce.

I should've been born a Brit. I've never had one, but I am so craving a full English breakfast right now.

FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST The full breakfast is an English classic. Hearty and filling, this protein-rich meal is sure to keep you full for a large portion of your day. Myer’s of Keswick, a British food.

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