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a green roof on top of a small house in the yard with lots of grass
Choosing a shed - Pod Space
Pod Space is a new garden office company - with a rather nice web site - set up by architecturally trained designer Ben Lord. Interestingly, and this is a trend I expect to see more of in 2010, the pods (there are three models) are aimed at employers who want to give their staff the option of working from home as well as individual shedworkers.
a small wooden house sitting on top of a floor next to potted planters
from little acorns.........
garden office - I'd love something like this for my workshop/studio space :3
a small wooden building sitting on top of a lush green field
Wooden Garages UK | Timber Car Garage Kits for Sale
Wooden garage can have many different uses.. :) Find out more about wooden garages at :))
a small green house with potted plants on the porch and steps leading up to it
Isabel Marant - T Magazine Blog
Isabel Marant's country retreat. photo by Adrian Gaut for NYT.
a white gazebo sitting next to a lush green park
corrugated plastic at it's best
a tree house with a hammock in the yard
welcome to my mind on vacation
Coolest tree house EVER
an outdoor living area with furniture and potted plants in the sun shining through the open door
A Backyard Oasis
Livet Hemma #backyard #outdoorspaces
a tree house with moss growing on it in the woods
Woodland mansion by Gary Dixon / 500px
tree house
a group of people sitting around a table under a pergolated covered area at night
shelterisland072.jpg (image)
Veranda and Outdoor Fireplace - almost an outdoor room
a tree house in the middle of a forest
---straight up Robinson Crusoe style.
an outhouse with a couch and table in the front yard, covered by drapes
Magic Lantern Arts
♥ J. Morgan Puett