Pirate ship- I love that this leaves so much to the imagination!  I would add a wheel for the kids to hold and steer

This is brilliant! And so simple! (For old pallets in the yard!) Wow, this would have been the location of so much play wguyhen I was a kid. We did so much An old pallet! pretending to be in the middle of the ocean, or lava, or what-have-you.

I love this! We'd probably be making one every other year but who cares it's so cute! --   read How I Became a Pirate by Melinda Long and David Shannon -- Yes the sail moves up and down! And yes, there is a huge anchor in the back! I love the "walk the plank" and tape a shark fin or two around the plank and you're set!!

Walk the plank Pirate Shop Early Years Preschool Role Play. Pinned by Learning and Exploring Through Play.

Gold Play Dough Invitation to Play for Kids...fun for St. Patrick's Day or pirate theme

Gold Play Dough

Gold Play Dough Invitation to Play for Kids. Patrick's Day or pirate theme (Fantastic Fun and Learning)

Fruit snack: pirate bananas.

Pirate bananas - what kid wouldn't want to find this in their lunch box?Pirates Draw a face on a banana, with eye patch and a big beard. Tie a napkin around the neck for extra tough pirate.

Pirates Love Underpants Activity Pack form Scholastic

Swashbuckling fun and games with our free Pirates Love Underpants activity pack.

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