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Very good info graph...the quote in the heart is a little much, I ain't about to worship my hair..just keepin' it all in context.

Want to keep your natural black hair healthy and strong? Here are 25 natural hair care tips and tricks every girl needs to know for growing and more.

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You want to know how to do Havana Twists? Great, you'll find out how to do exactly that right now. When you look in any popular black hair magazine that shows the best protective braid hairstyles you'll likely see Havana style twists.

Pin again and again and again and again.

In case you don't won't read all of this. It's about a professor telling a student about how God is not real. Then the student burns the professor wrong (is was an amazing burn!)The student was Einstein😱.

finding a new song and forever listening to it on repeat (Live While We're Young by One Direction)

finding a new song and forever listening to it on repeat (Steal my girl by One Direction)

What's My HAIR TEXTURE? Find out on

wanna give your hair a new look? Natural black hairstyles is a good choice for you. Here you will find some super sexy Natural black hairstyles, Find the best one for you,