Tracey Norman

Tracey Norman

Learn to love who you are :) there is no one like you :)
Tracey Norman
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^^Great substitute for today's Summer Fitcation workout if you're short on equipment^^ Phase Week Daily Workout: Legs & Calves Today's workout is found in Fit For Life (home workouts - page & Total Body Transformation.

I'm doing a lot of chin-ups to get that nice v-shape. It's real heavy doing chin-ups but I can do 4 of them now :) I train mostly with a red rubber band that takes of some of the weight so I can do more reps. It's really important to warm up the shoulders before doing chin-ups to prevent injury.

Back Workout Fitness Chart designed specifically for women. health exercise workout We're helping thousands of Ladies (Just like You) Get Fit & Sexy.

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