Putting out fires with our DIY fire extinguishers! A great dramatic play addition to a classroom!

Putting out fires with our DIY fire extinguishers!

We are coming to the end of our week on fire safety and let me tell you, it has been one busy week! I thought of so many ways we could explore fire safety and a hands down favorite of the week was putting out fires with our DIY fire extinguishers.


Egg Carton Mini Helicopter Craft - Clearly, I& need to make a string of these for boy& flight school graduation.

There’s an emergency! Call the fire engines, ambulances, police cars — and the dinosaurs, of course! HC 9780763668297 / Ages 2-5

" by Penny Dale: When dinosaurs and their truck are stuck on the tracks of a railroad crossing with a train due to come, they call Dinosaur Rescue, and rescue worker dinosaurs work together to solve the problem.

Emergency Vehicles Finger Family | Finger Family Song with Police Car - ...

Emergency Vehicles finger family song is one of our favorite nursery rhymes! Instead of the typical finger family song with Daddy finger, mommy finger and so.

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