Vikki Cheyne-Davies

Vikki Cheyne-Davies

Vikki Cheyne-Davies
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An+Introduction+to+Istanbul+for+the+First+Time+Visitor Use+this+in+conjunction+with+Your+Guide+to+Istanbul:+What+to+See+to+plan+your+trip+to+this+fabulous+city!+

İNANILMAZ GÜLDÜM An Introduction to Istanbul for the First Time Visitor: How to plan your day, where to stay, transport etc. Use this with Your Guide to Istanbul: What to See

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Getting lost in the incredible market! Always need a buddy, never a group. Started with a large group. The smells of all the exotic spices. can't even begin to describe how glorious.

Sunday Breakfast in Lacivert Restaurant, Istanbul

Sunday Breakfast in Lacivert Restaurant, Istanbul Mehr

50 things to do when travelling in Istanbul, Turkey

50 things do to on your trip to Istanbul, Turkey! From shopping in markets to visiting mosques, and smoking hookah to indulging in Turkish delight.