Matt Stuart has the ability to take an otherwise normal or even mundane situation and create one of unique perspective and interest. His photographs take the ordinary and transform to the extraordinary, a feat that is not as easy as it looks.

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I think Matt Stuart is a flippin' genius and I'd pin every one of his photos to my wall if I could.

This is a photo by Matt Stuart. I am a huge fan of his work. His sense of humor and being in the moment at the perfect time makes the most entertaining photos. As you can see the poster in the background is silencing everyone for the napping lady.

Matt Stuart

You don't need a qualification in photography always. These perfectly timed pictures proves it that sometimes a non-photographer can click amazing pics too!

Matt Stuart - Street photographer

Matt Stuart is a street photographer born in London. He has been shooting on the streets for twenty years.

Matt Stuart - Photographe situationniste exceptionnel

I love these of framing in this creating a halo effect on top of the subjects head it's mesmerizing

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