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I can still see my mums writing on the stickers, ET, Tenko, Dallas, Eastenders,

Scotch L 750 beta video cassette tape

As I'm going through this huge lot of beta tapes I have( a couple thousand of them), I've decided to scan some of the covers being that this recording format is now extinct to the general population. The stuff I've found on these tapes from the 80's is amazing. Brings me way back. Wonder how much they cost at the time.Scan by michaelpoulin@dyingindowney.com

Esquadrão Classe A

The winners of the invent-your-own-movie-based-on-an-'80s-TV-show contest.

When The A-Team came out earlier this month, I decided to make that movie's flimsy excuse for existence into an even flimsier pretext for a...

Old school polaroid camera, I use to get the biggest kick outta this... waiting for it to develop

Polaroid Land Camera 1000 & Q-Light electronic flash (front)

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If you grew up in the '80s, you probably played with these.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

44 unreal toys everyone who lived in the '80s will remember.

Check out these unreal 80s toys. Everyone who grew up or lived through the 1980s will be able to remember most of these awesome toys and epic games.

Michael Bentine's Potty Time (1973-1980)

Classic British Kids TV

Buy DVD's and boxsets featuring childhood favourites from the 70s, 80s and 90s inc. Mr Benn, Roobarb, Willo The Wisp, Grange Hill, The Clangers, Dangermouse etc.

Loved ladders, hated ropes!


Loved ladders, hated ropes!

I loved Plasticine before it all went brown. M.

10 Pocket Money 80s Toys We All Loved | TOTGU

If you were lucky enough to get pocket money in the 80s, chances are you spent it on some of the toys on this list

15 puddings we all got ridiculously excited about in the nineties. I forgot most of these! They were awesome!

15 puddings we all got ridiculously excited about in the nineties

Remember when no icecream was complete without solidifying chocolate sauce on it?

Shooting Your Bolt

Over Anne Aston, hostess of The Golden Shot of course ;)

Lol the "Brick" cell phone circa 1980's if you attacked this would make a fine weapon....  ;-)

What is a Brick Phone? (with pictures)

Lol the "Brick" cell phone circa 1980's if you attacked this would make a fine weapon.... ;-)

School toilet paper, hard and nonabsorbent! Makes great paper mache though !

Izal Toilet Paper Chad Valley offer

Probably 1960s.

Eerste computerspel pong, speelde je op de tv!

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table

STIGA Advantage Table Tennis Table : Sports & OutdoorsRead more →

View Master!  Really - how many times could you flip through one reel without getting bored?  LOL

23 Most Influential Toys Of All Generations

By: Allie Townsend, TIME & Theodore Tan Experience play that is ageless. Play that is full of life and spirit. From the old-fashioned to the contemporary, these playtoys capture the hearts and …