Fiona Rowden

Fiona Rowden
Petersfield / Veils & Bales is a marquee reception venue set in a picturesque countryside meadow, in the heart of the Southdowns National Park.
Fiona Rowden
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Beautiful Reggio Emilia environment at Boulder Journey School.

The sand table boxes are fantastic, especially with the lids to double as tables. I also love the group table setting as it seems very inviting and family-like. - LW --------------------- Beautiful Reggio Emilia environment at Boulder Journey School.

Educators role in the Reggio Emilia approach.

The Adults Role. I love point 2 - to provoke qualities within the children. And point 3 - to use a pedagogy of listening to take the children's ideas and return them for further exploration - love the reciprocity of education.

Sweet potato, lentil and carrot croquettes. A great finger food for babies, soft and easy to hold. Great for big kids too. Toddler approved, hidden veg, fussy eater, baby-led weaning. via @hlittlefoodies

These sweet potato, lentil and carrot croquettes are perfect for baby-led weaning and kids but will be enjoyed by the whole family.

The Imagination Tree: Sand Play Ideas with Loose Parts. Introducing construction materials, small world figures and loose parts into the sand pit can stimulate children's imaginative and co-operative play.

Awesome sand play ideas with loose parts. Mixing up natural materials and loose parts is a great way to provide more sensory experience for children.