photography by Yvonne Niemann Photography www. I love how these family's wardrobe coordinates together. The shades of red, white and blue works so well together!

Men's fashion

Men's Blue Denim Shirt, Chocolate Polka Dot Tie, Charcoal Shawl Cardigan, Chocolate Leather Belt, and Navy Gilet

Jean-Claude Seymour - Alchemist, Mal's Maternal Grandfather

My Mens Fashion : Cool Stuff We Like Here @ CoolPile ------- << Original Comment >> ------- I LOVE the layers i this outfit and the different patterns each layer has.

Today news: When Old People Dress Like Hipsters (21 Pics)-it's not just for…

This man is killing it with his Beard and Waistcoat styled with Light Blue rolled up Shirt and Army Print Pants

Sourdough at Hobbs House Bakery | Cereal Magazine

Sourdough / with Tom Herbert of Hobbs House Bakery. photo by Robbie Lawrence via Cereal Magazine & These Tings Take Time

Diseño de #barbas en

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