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Merlin, the Electronic Wizard. One of my favourite childhood toys, i guess was my first foray into the technological world? 1970s Toys, Retro Toys, Vintage Toys, Vintage Games, Vintage Stuff, My Childhood Memories, Childhood Toys, Mobile Computing, Popular Toys


Video games took the world by storm in the late 70s and it wasn't long before the technology was incorporated into a number of handheld devices that promised to provide the same thrill. Most didn't, usually because they weren't all that challenging or versatile. Merlin was the exception. Introduced by Parker Brothers in 1978, the device allowed you to play a number of games and even compose music. There was enough magic within Merlin to make it an instant hit.

My old Donkey Kong hand-held game :) Spent hours playing this game! Nintendo Ds, Nintendo Console, Nintendo Games, Game Boy, Donkey Kong Junior, Pocket Game, Retro Pictures, Retro Pics, Kings Game

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