Autumn Leaf Sun-Catcher

Last of the Autumn Leaves

Last of the Autumn Leaves: Leaf mobiles/sun catchers (project page also shows some awesome suncatchers) This is just the idea I had.

Rustic Twig Natural Ornaments....finally sopmething to do with all the twigs my girls bring home <3

10 Natural Ornaments for you and the kids to make this Christmas

Awesome nature craft - use crushed up dry leaves like "glitter"

This is a fun craft activity to do with kids in the fall! Have kids explore outside and find pretty autumn leaves. Kids can then crunch them up and use them to make a picture with "leaf glitter"

Leaf art could make a lovely hanging mobile from a twig photo frame. #forestschoolidea

Review – Land Art for Kids: In the Woods

Richard Shilling on Land Art for Kids what a great idea for outside leaf/nature sculptures. make sure to watch an andy goldsworthy documentary too! Should you appreciate arts and crafts you really will really like this site!

Cute As a Fox: Rustic Hand Painted Woodland Creature Ornaments

Rustic Hand Painted Woodland Creature Ornaments

Earth Art Sculptures...possible Andy Goldsworthy project for spring or fall...integrate photography?

Andy Goldsworthy-esque art - we create these all the time in the field with kids at TSS - they love it!

Stick Man Activity Ideas

Stick Man Activity Ideas

Fun Stick Man Activity Ideas perfect for school or home, includes making a Stick Man, working out how tall a tree is and much more.