Love this! Other ideas: zuckeman's farm, sodor, toyland, From (mostly pixar) movies: paradise falls, radiator springs, Andy's room, andalasia, the drop-off, monstropolis, metroville, game central station

An invitation to adventure! I’d add Pumpkin House, Mrs Piggy Wiggle’s Farm, Toad Hall, etc to personalize a reading space. This would be a great decoration for a reading nook or a library.

I think something similar would be a nice welcoming display to create before term starts. It will be nice for the children to see themselves on the wall on their first day.

Classroom Snapshots

Beginning of year bulletin board idea OR for School House Jam Open House

Whole school growth mindset display

Thinking I'd like to merge this tree with the beginning of year "hands" activity.hmmm by lakisha

Synonym display literacy ks2 English school primary

"Would You Like A Synonym With That?" Synonym Word Wall- This display would be a great way to get students to expand their vocabulary.

Recipe for Friendship bulletin board

A Recipe for Friendship classroom display photo from Shelley.- can see this in my classroom with an artist instead of chef and title "creativity" or something similar

literacy working wall

Working walls - TES Primary - Forum - TES Primary - TES Community I like how this working wall makes clear who the writing is for.

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