Oh yeah...standing and swinging

This was so much fun, standing on the swings and going as high as we could. We thought we could reach the sky or at least the high tree branch in our backyard.

sooo true....... and I think everyone we knew then had the list of numbers posted on the wall by the phone

kids today will never understand laying on the floor talking on the phone that has a cord attached to the wall

...rotary dial phones

Rotary Dial~ Phone numbers used to be according to letter, e., Lincoln 54321 So the phone number was 545 321 and that's why we originally had letters on our rotary phones.

Vintage/retro 60s toy FUZZY-FELT 'PICTURES' Made in England 1960. I had one of these. I also have a newer one in my storeroom at school-must get it out for the kids!

Vintage/retro toy FUZZY-FELT 'PICTURES' Made in England I had one of these and used to spend hours playing with it.

State of the art address books everyone used in the 60s and 70s.

address book - Grandma had one of these in her kitchen beside the phone and I remember playing with it.

Anne French deep cleansing milk, oh I thought I was so grown up using this!

anne french deep cleansing milk - remember cleansing my face with this the night before my wedding!

Twinkle Comic! Spent my pocket money on this and some sweets.

Twinkle goes to the sweet shop - I actually remember this edition - strong childhood memory - must be all those jars of brightly coloured sweets !

we had one of these when I was little -- they must've been big in the '70s. They were a favorite and I'm debating the "need" factor for it for our Christmas decor.

Classic Angel Chimes - Scandinavian Christmas candle - the bells chime and the angels spin when it is lit. every every Christmas eve

Navy gym knickers

Navy school knickers, shown off at PE time, when hanging upside down off the parallel bars. Plus doing PE in just a vest and the navy blue knickers!

Spangles - remember these?

Spangles - remember these? In 1974 they had fizzy flavours like Orangeade and Lemonade. Spangles are a good reminder of a time when, as Roald Dahl once said, "the sweetshop was the very centre of our lives"