FS1 This week we are learning to..... This is above the signing in activity

I'm having an aha moment. Hewitt came through our school, she recommended all teachers posting a poster outside the classroom door that identified the curriculum goals for children and adults ali

"Once upon a time..." Story shelves

This is just a picture, but a great idea to get kids excited about story telling and retelling." Story shelves: LOVE THIS!

Maths area ideas More

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Year One continuous provision maths area ideas. Lots of loose parts for problem solving. Footprints could be adapted to multiples of

fantastic use of platforms instead of tables for the youngest, who don't like to sit anyway :-)

Love this layout for the younger age groups in Early Years settings. Easily accessible resources on furniture suited to the development of motor skills.

Tie ribbons to a hula hoop and hang from the ceiling of your reading area.

How to make a ribbon chandelier! (Hula hoop & ribbon) party decor or in a kids room! Or make a huge one from a hoola-hoop and keep it hung from a tree or patio area for the kids to enjoy and play with --