theswinginsixties:  Jean Shrimpton photographed By David Bailey

Jean Shrimpton at 91 Heigham by David Bailey Photo David Bailey.there was a recent exhibit in the london are of David Bailey's photos from that era. (I was lucky enough to SEE that one)

Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey

Jean Shrimpton in Christian Dior _ Photo by Jeanloup Sieff, Harper’s Bazaar, April


With a blonde pixie cut, wide eyes, and a slim frame; Twiggy became the face of the Born Lesley Hornby in Neasden England, she revolutionized the way models were going to look. At only 16 s.

David Bailey

Pleated Turban 1965 Vogue by David Bailey. I have this print hanging in my…

Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey

Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey Dorothea McGowan on right. Two Sixties "power models" at work !

Jean shrimpton / David bailey

Jean Shrimpton - David Baileys iconic Vogue photos - New York 1962 "She was magic. In a way she was the cheapest model in the world - you only needed to shoot

Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey

Jean Shrimpton phptographed by David Bailey for Vogue, New York 1962 - Photography that changed fashion