Victoria Shillito

Victoria Shillito

Victoria Shillito
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At this point it's wherever she'll let me reach. I've cut back on the hugs which perhaps she's only tolerated or accepted grudgingly.

Buddy's Guide on where to massage your dog and the health benefits for each. The Secret Life of Pets In Theaters July 8

Why Dachshund Puppies Should Be Your New Favorite Puppies

This picture is Beautiful because you see a baby boy and a dog. Its really cute and beautiful all at the same time. Because that's what some people might say about this wonderful picture.

Paw Plunger -- Clean your dog's paws without giving them a full bath. I need…

The Grommet team has discovered the PawPlunger a portable dog paw cleaner that easily cleans the mud from your dog's paws wherever you are.